Joy Aders

A young half vampire cleric who wants to rise above her darker half by helping others.


Joy is tall and thin for a thirteen year old according to her human side. However, she isn’t just human. Vampire blood also runs through her veins thanks to her father. The vampire blood makes her more elegant and graceful than normal humans. She definitely looks a little more otherworldly with her short silver-white hair and black eyes.


Joy was raised in a convent worshipping the goddess Sehanine. She had never known her human mother because her vampire father had murdered her shortly after Joy’s birth. Determined to overcome the darkness of her vampiric blood, Joy studied the art of healing. When she had learned all that she could at the convent, she left to further her studies throughout the world and try to help those in need.

She traveled to the capital where a tournament had been announced. Adventuring groups would need a healer. However, it seemed that no one would have such a young girl in their group. Then she met a Fey Corgi and a Dragonborn. They researched various relics and headed on their way. It was at the site of their first relic, the Golden Fleece, that they stumbled upon a rogue. He joined them to defeat the dire goat and collect the fleece.

Then the odd group found out about a masquerade ball where another relic might be, so they packed up and traveled another couple of days. At the ball, the little group gained numbers, growing from four to seven. Then the rogue left, only to be replaced by a wizard. They ventured through several floors of the tower, eventually finding a book of prophecies. Everyone had one prophecy. Joy’s father was alive, and he wanted to meet. She had mixed feelings but decided to ignore it. She wanted nothing to do with him.

They decided to try helping Laxus, the Dragonborn, with his prophecy that said the Dragonborns were doomed. So they traveled to his homeland, which happened to be a mountain another week in the direction they had just come, but they arrived just in time to see the mountain destroyed by an evil dragon goddess.

With nothing else they could do to help Laxus, the group moved on to another of the prophecies: the closing of the portal to the Fey Wilde. They stopped at a city at the base of the mountain and got the “cure to Kull’s plague” before moving on to Ravenhurst, where Joy’s father had wanted to meet. They found out he had turned the entire city into vampires, ruling as their leader. He invited Joy and her friends in and asked them to take care of the plague for him. He was civilized and polite. Maybe someone was mistaken when they said he had killed her mother. Joy needed to know the truth, and she promised to return to her father to figure it out.

So the group moved on to Kull, a diseased city covered in vile matter. Here, the group split up. Some traveled to the portal to try to keep it from closing, while the others ventured into Kull to neutralize the disease. In the process, a ratfolk joined them and helped them overcome monsters and the disease flower. Then, they went into the Underdark, hoping to find out who was behind the disease. Unfortunately, after defeating a group of Vechna cultists, the group wound up in a city of Vechna supporters. Joy woke up hanging by hooks, covered in painful surgical cuts, and missing her canines. The wizard and one of the minotaur brothers were in some kind of fighting tournament. They were trapped, and it was all because the other stupid minotaur had replaced his own eye with the eye of Vechna even though everyone told him not to do it. Stupid! Selfish! We don’t need him. We could just…

But they escaped with the help of some drow spiders and their goddess of lies and deception. She told the group to fix things. There was a power struggle between the gods. Then she transported them to the world above. But that was…two years ago?

Joy Aders

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