Laxus Morant

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Laxus is a blue-scaled dragonborn, born in the ancient homeland of the dragonborn, Mount Maraan. He strove to be noble like his brethren and strove to become powerful, however found himself less adept at combat or magic than most other dragonborn. When he was ten years old, he found a strange litany, that contained information on a ritual that may be able to increase his abilities. Using the ritual, he found it was a summoning for a lesser demon of the Nine Hells. The demon said that he would grant access to a bit of his powers in exchange for bringing souls to him.

Though Laxus did not find the thought of working for a demon palatable, he decided that he could perhaps resist the creature and use the foul being’s power for the greater good. So, he agreed to take the demon’s power. He grew in power quickly from there, but was sent away by his people, feeling that the source of his power would draw attention from other evil creatures and gods, not to mention that they did not look kindly on his relying on such a foul source of power. From that point on, Laxus went forth into the kingdom and used the power of the demon to protect the weak and to accomplish great works to hopefully return to his people.

When Laxus was 25 years old, he was drawn into The Tournament of Glory by a fey corgi named Rust and a dhamphire named Joy Aders. Deciding that the young adventurers would die without any help, he joined them after finding clues to the location of The Golden Fleece. Once the party reached the former site of the Fleece, they met a person surrounded by giant rats named Cazmir. After rescuing him, the man joined them to battle the evil diregoat that had been created using the Fleece. After defeating them, they were able to retrieve the Fleece.

From there, they were given an invitation to go to Black Spire by an old adventurer, hearing rumors that the host may have Bill’s Stick of Tricks. During the journey through the tower, the party met with the minotaur brothers, Taurus Matada and Akuma. After retrieving the Stick, the team met with a bard named (Sorry Ryan. I forget his name. n-n;;) and the eladrin wizard Byron Orpheus. When attacked in the library, Orpheus and Laxus were separated from the party and attacked by a gelatinous ooze. Laxus appeared to die in the battle bad was teleported away from the room, but was able to rejoin the party shortly after they found a book of prophecy. From the book, Laxus found that his people and the Mountain were destined to fall. After the tower was destroyed by some unknown creature, the party journeyed to the Mountain, where they witnessed Tiamat destroying their home and people.

Having suffered from the shock of his fallen race, the party moved on to assist with the destinies of the others. In Ravenhurst, the party found that the town was turned to vampires by Joy’s father, who everyone thought was dead; he claimed this was done to protect his people from the plague of Kull. The party traveled to Kull to deal with the plague and the team was able to destroy the flower from the Underdark that caused the sickness. After the brothers Matata were told of the entrance to the Underdark, they left to investigate with Joy and Orpheus. In the meantime, Laxus traveled with Rust and (Ryan character) to the portal for the Feywood, which was closing, threatening to cut off the feyborn creatures from their families and all they’ve known…

I’ll be adding to the background as the story advances.

Laxus Morant

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