Blazing Order


The Blazing Order is a militaristic force of Pelor worshiping clerics and paladins that serve as the King’s Guard and army for Ender. The most numerous amount of them garrison in the royal capital of Endeburg.

The Blazing Order does not rank it’s members as normal military forces do, but ranks their members based on their faith.

This faith based ranking system has created an elite hierarchy group called Sunturions. Only Sunturions may carry the best holy weapons, relics and armor.

For the most part, The Blazing Order is clad in bright, shining golden, armor, donned with red, yellow and orange paint and clothes. They fight with spears, halberds or lances alone, needing only the shining light and love of Pelor to protect them. The Sigil of the Blazing Order is an Orange Sun pierced by a golden lance.

Blazing Order Faith Military Order:

Sunflare- the base initiate
Sunwalkerthe foot soldiers
Sundrinkerclerics and men of the cloth
Sunderermagic users
Sunturionelite paladins

Blazing Order

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