High King Ramsey Bovlaar III


Well into middle age, High King Bovlaar has become fat, weak willed, and bored with his kingdom. He no longer is interested in his sacred duty of serving his people. He has appointed the Heirarchs of the Blazing Order to not only enforce the King’s Law, but to create it.

In an attempt to regain the spirit of a young man, Bolvaar has made a decree that he will give his crown, riches and all glory to whomever wins The Tournament of Glory.

Many among the Blazing Order are against this move, but even so, they can not repute the word of the High King.

It is Bovlaar’s hope that the excitement of watching so many fight for what the King has, that Ramsey will be rejuvenated and feel young again.

The Bovlaar Family has ruled over Ender for three generations. The Sigil of House Bovlaar is of a Three Horned Triceratops, native to their home land of the East Ender Plains.

High King Ramsey Bovlaar III

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