The Golden Fleece


The Golden Fleece is an item on the Relic List.


The Golden Fleece was given to Hanson by Pelor for Hanson’s victory at Targran for defeating the halfling invaders of East Ender. The Fleece, then was indeed a golden fur cloak. After the death of Hanson the cloak was displayed in the [[DUNGEON: Koogan Hunting Camp | Pelor Temple of Targran.]] After another age, and Targran fell to the second halfling invasion, the temple fell to pieces, and the fleece buried. Centuries later, a cultist of Orcus rummaged through the Pelorian ruins and found the fleece. After researching it with the texts in the temple, the cultist imbued the fleece with the power of orcus. The Cultist, Koogan, had created a horrid monstrosity of death and necronic magic – The Dire Goat.

The Golden Fleece

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