The Kingdom of Ender

The Kingdom of Ender is a system of 3 large continents surrounding one smaller continent.

Endeburg, sits in the northern area of Mid Ender, the centermost continent. Endeburg is the capital of the Kingdom and is where the High King rules over his lands.

Mid Ender is mostly farmlands, forests and a few, small stretches of mountains along it’s western edge.

Just beyond the Ring Sea, lies West Ender. Mountainous in the north, rain forests, farming communities and dot the central and southern lands.

From the north end of Mid Ender, lies Nor Ender, a cold, frigid land to the north. Nor Ender’s southern parts align with the warmer climate of Mid Ender.

On the East side of the Ring Sea, East Ender sits. It’s wild, untamed lands inspire the sense of adventure and mystery to most adventurers. East Ender is famous for it’s big plains, endless deserts and mountain ranges.

The Kingdom of Ender

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