The Relics


The following is a list of Relics contestants must retrieve and bring back to High King Bovlaar in order to win the Tournament of Glory. The Relics are broken down into tiers. Contestants may return relics of finished Tiers to the King for safekeeping, however, Relics must be declared in one contestant’s name. See Rules for more information.

Tier 1:
1. Golden Fleece
2. Blade of the Blind Fighter
3. The Gale Bulg
4. Kull’s Tear
5. Bill’s Staff of Magic Tricks

Tier 2:
6. Tempest Boots
7. The Mithlizhelm
8. Juban’s Memory
9. Balgon’s Beard
10. The Ever Keg

Tier 3:
11. Looking Glass of Vel’vale
12. The Broach of Winter
13. Drow Virgin
14. The Heart of Darkness

Tier 4:
15. The Draw Deck
16. The Crawling King’s Toe
17. Kel’halt’s Remains
18. The Dragon’s Skulls
19. The Axe of Creation
20. Pelor’s Sun

Note: All Relics will be appraised by the Lore.

The Relics

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