Nylea "Nyl" Rhyder

A quiet but skilled human archer bent on seeking revenge.


Raised in the wilderness, Nylea is strong and lean. She stands tall but is only of average height for a human woman. Her hair is bleached to a sandy brown only a couple shades lighter than her tanned skin, darkened by many hours in the sun. She has brown eyes that dance, trying to see everything all at once.


Nylea was raised by her father, Euan Rhyder, in a cabin beyond the edges of a small town. He taught her everything he knew about surviving in the wilderness, from tracking and hunting to building shelters and tools. They sold any meat they did not need in the town market, earning money for better weapons or repairs. As the years went on, Nylea got stronger, while her father grew increasingly weaker. On one hunt in her late teenage years, he got injured and later died due to infection.

From that point on, Nylea used any extra money she could get to study healing medicines and magic from the town doctor. She combined her knowledge of the forests and its inhabitants with her new healing skills and soon surpassed the local doctor in her abilities. The town began to rely on her for both her hunting talents as well as her healing knowledge, many choosing to venture out to her cabin to seek her help instead of going to the nearby doctor.

Then tragedy struck. Nylea returned from one of her typical hunting trips to find her town being slaughtered. Screams tore at her soul as she rushed through the brush on the outskirts of town. A small group of men were gathered around the mayor and another man. The mayor, a man Nylea never particularly cared for, was being beaten and interrogated while the town hall burned behind him. Arrows flew from quiver to bow to human bodies faster than she could count. The man slit the mayor’s throat. Another of Nylea’s arrows found the man’s own throat. They all fell. Nylea looked frantically for the townspeople only to discover their screams came from within the roaring fires of the town hall. She tried to find a way in but couldn’t before the roof collapsed, silencing the screams.

Nylea went back to group of strangers, finding one still alive and struggling to get away. She grabbed him and twisted the arrow in his gut, resulting in a satisfying groan. He was the leader. He slit the mayor’s throat. The group was searching for something in her town. They were told about a relic here in this town, so they came. They were cultists looking for a relic for a ceremony of some kind. What cult? You don’t know? What cult?

Nylea gathered her things and left the dead. There was nothing she could do. No magic that would heal them or bring them back from death. She left the burning town swearing she would kill the one responsible for their deaths. The one behind the Cult of Dragons.

Nylea "Nyl" Rhyder

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