A happy Fey Corgi bard searching the world for stories to bring back to her pack.


Rust is a small Fey Corgi at only 3’2", and although her name implies a reddish hue, her coat is actually a blueish grey with darker splotches all over. She also has some patches of white fur, though they’re mainly on her chest and muzzle.


Raised in a fairly large pack, Rust was accustomed to being a part of a whole. She knew her place, and she liked it. However, as a tradition, she was trained for her first 20 years in the arts of music and storytelling. After her training was complete, tradition required her to leave the pack to explore the world and collect more stories of adventure and wisdom for the future generations.
She wandered the world in search of adventure for about a year before the Tournament of Glory was announced. Like so many others, she hurried to the capitol in hopes of joining a temporary pack. While many ignored her, two unlikely individuals adopted her.
Rust connected quickly to the sweet, young Dhampir named Joy, but the surly Dragonborn Laxus took longer to accept his own feelings of kinship to Rust. It was on their first quest that the trio found the swashbuckling rogue Casamir. Rust’s pack was growing, and she was gaining stories for the pups back home in the Fey Wild, but she needed more.
After retrieving the Golden Fleece from a big goat, the pack met up with an old man who told them to go to a big party in a big tower across the big water. This worried Rust. What if they couldn’t get back across the big water? She needed to continue, but the yearning to see her old pack again got worse with every passing day.
Rust stomached her home sickness, hoping her current pack didn’t notice. Thankfully, they didn’t as they were distracted by all the new things on their new adventure. They traveled for days. Soon, they stopped in a town to buy stuff for the big party. Rust didn’t think she needed anything, but the sweet Joy did, and Joy was pack. Rust put up with the torturous layers of clothing the insane human attached to her in various ways. Until the party.
Everyone ignored Rust, just like in the capitol, so she had her fill of the delicious food, tore off the ridiculous ruffles that restricted her movement, and took a nap. Her pack woke her up so they could explore the tower. Rust noticed a new reptilian companion in their pack, but it was gone before long. Then Joy freed a couple of cows from some cabinets. They were nice enough.
The pack went through lots of rooms and finally got the one thing Rust had wanted from the tournament: the Stick of Tricks. It was someone’s trick stick, but it should have been Rust’s. She had called it. It was hers. But of course, the big cows squabbled over it, and Casamir was frozen. Then the new green elf took it and kept it. Then Casamir got mad and left. Rust didn’t catch why exactly. Something about not having a bad ass. She had given up on trying to understand the humans.
They went through more rooms. A magic elf joined the pack. Laxus almost died. Then she got the letter. The portal home was closing. Tradition or no tradition, she had to get home. She liked her new pack enough, but it was her old pack that she longed for. She had sung the songs of her people several times to help her new pack, but she yearned to hear her family join in the songs.
Everyone got bad letters, so the pack left the big, crumbling tower. They traveled for days until they reached the Dragonborn’s homeland mountain. Rust cried for Laxus when they watched his mountain die. It was very sad and reminded Rust that she could lose her own family soon too.
So they walked some more. They found themselves at Ravenhurst. That’s where Joy was from. It was dark and scary though. Rust didn’t much care for it. She didn’t think anyone did. They met Joy’s father. He was nice enough. He didn’t join the pack. He told them to save a city from being hurt by a sickness. Rust didn’t understand how to get rid of a sickness, but the others seemed to have some kind of idea, so she followed. Once they got to the city though, she couldn’t take it. The smell was horrible. It dug into her nose and eyes and mouth. Some of the others went into the city, like sweet Joy and big Laxus, but she and the cows stayed out.
Soon, the partial pack decided to go back to the portal to convince them that the sickness was gone, and the portal didn’t need to close. It took a while, but they got there. Rust was happy. Her family pack lived nearby the portal just on the other side. Rust couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t understand how any one of the pack members could stay away from their family packs for so long. She bid farewell to her old partial pack and ran back to the welcoming howls of her family pack just as the portal closed behind her. She would sing many songs of the adventures she had out in the world, but for years to come she would always shed tears for the pack members she had first met and had never said good bye to.


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