Taurus Matada

Minotaur warrior who seeks to free his people from slavery


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Taurus is a 27 year old minotaur. He is 7’4", 350 pounds, and has black fur with sparse white spots. In addition, his right horn’s tip was broken off in an escape attempt.

Taurus was raised into slavery in Tunderspire Labyrinth with his brother Akuma. From a young age, he was part of experiments by their drow owners. From what Taurus could gather from what he occasionally overheard, the drow were trying to find a way to make the minotaurs more compliant to their orders. After several failed escape attempts, Taurus discovered an important side effect of the experiments on him: he had been granted psionic powers. Pretended to be broken from their experiments, Taurus and Akuma finally enacted their plan to escape, finally being successful after using their newly discovered powers. After the escape, the brothers decided that they couldn’t allow their once-proud people to live in this way. So, they began their journey with the ultimate goal of increasing their powers and gaining allies to take back their homeland on day.

After some time of traveling, the brothers came across a great tower during a powerful storm. They sought shelter at the tower and were taken in by an odd looking butler. The butler brought them a meal and drinks. The food tasted fine, but something seemed off. The brothers realized too late that the food was tainted and they slipped into darkness. The next time they remember anything, they were on the ground, surrounded by broken metal and strange people. By their gear and bearing, they seemed to be adventurers.

The group revealed that they had saved them and were searching the tower for a magic relic. Seeing a chance to gain allies and potentially powerful artifacts (not to mention revenge on the bastard that drugged them, the brothers agreed to join them. After many battles with arcane horrors on the way, the party left the tower with knowledge gained from a book of prophecies. Following Laxus Morant‘s destiny, they headed to it homeland in the mountains on the western continent. There they witnesses the destruction wrought by the evil dragon goddess, Tiamat; the mountain and the dragonborn’s race were destroyed in what seemed like an instant by the dragon and her armies.

Sensing there was nothing more they could do here, the party moved on to the northern continent so that certain members could try and see their families before the portal to the Feywild was closed forever and to save the village of Kull. The village had been for a long time under the curse of a terrible plague that no healer could seem to remove. They believed it to be the destiny of their companions to save it. On the way, they encountered Joy Aders’ father, a vampire who had turned Ravenhurst’s populous into vampires to spare them of the plague that had been spreading from Kull. After offing some advice, they left to fulfill their destinies.

The brother’s kept their watch at the village entrance while many of the others did venture in and cure the plague on the land. After reuniting with the others, the brothers were informed of an entrance into the Underdark that was beneath Kull. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to investigate the movements of the drow and others like them, the brothers and a few others went below. Things took a turn when after defeating several denizens of a dark cult, Joy’s father among them, when Akuma found an evil item among them: the Eye of Vecna. Although being warned against it by the others, Akuma put the Eye into his head seeking to gain its power.

Events went from bad to worse after that. They slept in this area and when Taurus awoke, he found himself groggy and chained to a pillar. After waking up, the was told that they were capture by worshipers of Vecna, who saw that Akuma was the chosen one. Taurus and the others were to fight for their amusement in the Colosseum. Before any great harm befell the party (other than Joy, that is), a contingent of drider’s attacked, allowing the party to escape, and one stegosaurus and dragonborn richer to boot. They were given a note of where to meet with the driders who claimed they could help Akuma. Realizing they had acted hastily in accepting such a foul artifact, the brother made the journey with the others. There they met with the Drow Virgins, a group of Lolth worshipers who feel the drow have strayed to far from their ways and their dark goddess. They were brought before what appeared to be Lolth and were informed that Lolth needed them to bring her the Hand and Eye of Vecna. Once she had them, she would remove them and spare Akuma. Seeing no other way out, the party accepted these terms. Lolth then sent them to the surface with the location of the Hand: Thunderspire Labyrinth…

I will be adding more info from the campaign at a later time.

Taurus Matada

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